FLIN – Flight and Integration


In the light of the soaring number of refugees and asylum seekers, the topic of integration has been brought to the center of public discussion. Particularly pressing in this context are the questions as to what signifies successful and sustainable integration of refugees and asylum seekers and how it can be achieved. Both in the academic and broader public debate, integration is considered to be the task of the society as a whole. Despite this consensus, however, there is no systematic knowledge on the perceptions of refugees and asylum seekers regarding the reception context and the process of integration.

Thus, our goal for the funding period from 1 April to 31 December 2016 is to launch a pilot project on the topic of integration. By conducting a survey among refugees and asylum seekers regarding integration requirements and reception context, the project will also investigate the repercussions of xenophobia and right-wing extremism on integration prospects. The interim results of the survey, to be presented by the end of the year, will enhance the current scientific knowledge about refugees and asylum seekers and allow us to draw important inferences regarding successful integration policy.


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