The network on the research of integration, xenophobia, and right-wing extremism in Saxony (IFRiS) is a unique cooperation of the Universities of Dresden, Chemnitz, and Leipzig and Hannah Arendt Institute for the Research on Totalitarianism that pools their research activities pertaining to these fields. The goal of the network is to develop knowledge that will make a sustainable contribution to the debates about integration of refugees and asylum seekers as well as the ways to contain xenophobia and right-wing extremism in Saxony.

Our first project "FLIN - Flight and Integration" seeks answers to some of the burning questions of the day: Who are the people that come to Saxony? What kinds of attitudes and opinions do they have? How do they perceive Germany and the German society? What are the factors that facilitate or complicate their integration into the society? What are the effects of xenophobia and right-wing extremism on the integration perspectives of refugees and asylum seekers?

The project „Democratic Cohesion in Saxony“ (German: “Demokratischer Zusammenhalt in Sachsen (DeZiS)“ deals with two closely intertwined subjects: on the one hand side processes of integration in the Saxonian and German immigration society, and on the other hand side extreme right-wing and xenophobic processes of disintegration which danger the democratic cohesion.

Further projects follow soon